Best Magnetic USB Cable Review, Type C, Lightning or Micro, Fast Charge and DATA Capable.

Our Choice For The Best Magnetic USB Cable Is This

Why a magnetic USB cable?

Before we talk about why this magnetic USB cable is the best, let’s talk about why you would even consider getting one. So the main and obvious benefit is the magnet itself. On a normal charger you have to line up the plug perfectly with your phone to connect. This is the same no matter what phone you have and no matter if its a USB C, Lightning, or Micro USB. The magnetic charger wants to connect, it automatically connects; all you have to do is get it in the general vicinity of the plug. 

So who is this good for well its good for;

Older people– Older people tend to have a less steady hand the magnet makes it easy to attach a charger. 

People driving– You are not supposed to use your phone while you are driving but if you need to plug it in to charge this is way easier to do with a magnetic cable. 

Poor eyesight– If your eye sight is not all that great, you might find yourself having a hard time plugging in the charger if you don’t have your glasses on. 

Drunk people– Say you came back from a New Years party and you are not sure which one of the three ports you are seeing on your phone is the correct one, the magnetic cable can help and decide for you. So you don’t find yourself waking up with the charger plugged solidly into the speaker opening. 

Lazy people– I find myself in this category, I just like the convenience ease of charging this cable provides.  

Aside from being easy to use, these types of cables also provide some protection for your phone. Have you ever tripped over your charging cable and sent your phone flying off the desk? I have and if you’re extremely unlucky this is an easy way to damage your charging port. Well a magnetic usb cable will help protect you from that. It will either prevent your phone from falling all together or snap off when it hits the ground, leaving less chance to damage your port. 

Also it will protect your port from the constant plugging in and out you need to do with a regular charging cable: which can damage your port over time. 

Are Magnetic Cables Safe For Use Around Phones?

One of the first questions I get when I talk to people about magnetic cables is “Are they safe? Putting a magnet near an electrical device seems dangerous.” 

Although this question is perfectly understandable because until just recently magnets were a no no around electronics. But with the way new technology works they are safe to use. 

Phones have solid state or flash drive not HHDs like computers in the old days, small magnets do not affect them.

Old screens used magnetic fields and would have been affected by a magnet. Today’s phone screens use electricity to form and image and respond to interaction. So a magnet does not affect them. 

The GPS uses satellites to determine the coordinates. 

Although the compass can be affected by a large enough magnet, these magnets are too small to interfere.  

Phones usually have Lithium-ion batteries. Charging and discharging is a result of a chemical reaction. As a result a battery in a phone remains unaffected

In fact the phone speaker has a magnet in it and it’s not damaging to that or the phone. 

The only problem I have to warn you about when using a magnetic charger is if you work in a shop or are a welder, basically anything around small metal fragments. It’s very easy for small metal shaving to get into your charger and short circuit it.  

Why We Recommend This Cable

It is hard to narrow the huge selections of cables out there to just one. But we did our best and in our opinion this one deserves the number one spot. 

Here is the selection process we did for this wire

  • We did our research regarding reviews and pricing. 

  • Then we obtained several wires to do our testing on. 

  • It passed all those tests 

  • Now it’s ready to be recommended to you, our readers. 

Here are the reasons why this cable was chosen. 

It supports QC 3.0 Max Current 3A Fast Charging (Some Magnetic cables don’t support this charging speed)

Best Magnetic USB cable

This wire had the best price for a 6ft magnetic cable with gold plated connector pins.

Has Data transfer capabilities. 

It has Gold-Plated Connector Pins (this allows for fast transfer speeds)

During our tests we used the same computer, same port, same 1gb file and compared this cable to the standard cable that came with a Samsung Note 8. Here are the results. 

  • Magnetic cable 6.5 ft 1gb file transferred in – 37 seconds 

  • Regular cable 4 ft 1gb file transferred in- 36 seconds

One of the issues with these types of cables is that sometimes the plug that goes into the phone is weak. 

So we did some drop tests from 4ft high onto hardwood flooring. 

It survived 8 drops before the plug got bent. So that is really good durability of the plug.

So for these reasons this is cable in our opinion is the best magnetic cable for the money at this time