Best Small WordPress Website Hosting Service 2020 – I Personally Use This

So you have seen the title and its bold statement to make

Best Small WordPress Website Hosting Service 2020
– I Personally Use This 

Sounds so final and this is naturally just my opinion, but I will explain why I feel this way. Then you will have to make up your own minds, if you agree with me or not. The reason I added the “I personally use this” part is because I want you to understand I put my money where my mouth is. I have tested this hosting service and based on my experience, research and opinion, this is currently the best deal I could find. 

Name Hero In my opinion is the best website hosting service of 2020
Here is a link, if you want to check it out. 

NameHero Web Hosting

(This link is affiliate, and I earn a commission if you sign up. It’s one of the ways I am able to support this website. But believe me if i was in this for the money I would be recommending other hosting services, that pay more commissions) I just wanted to be upfront and open about this.  

My Background

Now my opinion frankly, means nothing to you, unless you know a little of my background. I made my first WordPress website at the age of 18, for a business I started. The website was not super pretty, it was not optimized for SEO or speed. Well I closed that business several years later and took down my website. A few years later I made another website; this one. This time I found a Youtube video and followed it step by step. Sadly for me the person making that video had no clue what he was doing. The video pointed me to the cheapest hosting. He didn’t even bring up the simple fact that you need to optimize images for the web. Word press is great and I love to use it, but the problem is it allows great looking websites to be made by people with no experience. So there I was; with a beautiful website stuffed full of 10 mb images. Now you can imagine my load speed and what kind of user experience it provided.

Over time my skills grew and I made other websites, I slowly optimized Unmatched Value also. First the images then other bits and pieces. Eventually I realized there was only so much I could do with what I had, so I took it down and started from scratch. It cost me in SEO and ranking but I believe it’s the right thing to do. That is the website you are on right now, and since you are reading this article you can see that it worked out okay. I am proficient with this but I would not say I am a professional, I still have lots to learn. I have however done lots of research and made several websites since my first one, and I picked up a few things along the way that I want to share with you. 

I am not going to go further into SEO and ways to improve it, in this post. I might make another one later going over that in more detail. But I will say that you need to open up google. Search the keyword you are trying to rank for and look at the websites in the top spots you want to occupy. Make note of if they are fancy or optimized for speed. If you are a photographer you will want a fancy website that screams style and professionalism. If you are a blogger and want to rank on a competitive keyword you want a site that’s quick, your users will only care about getting the information and getting it fast. Everyone who spends several hours on WordPress can develop a pretty site with many moving parts, so it’s no longer held in high regard by the audience. I think we are moving away to the “pretty” websites and moving onto quick and functional.

So now that the background information is out of the way let’s talk about the actual hosting company I am using and why I choose it for my site.

Why Name Hero

1. Raid 10 SSD (faster read and write speed due to data being split between more disks)

2. They use Litespeed vs Apache web server software.

Here, are some of its advantages over Apache 


  • It is up to six times faster than Apache

  • It is three times faster than Apache in SSL

  • It increases PHP performance by 50%

So why don’t all hosting companies use this? Simple Apache server is completely free. While to use all the features of Litespeed you have to pay every month. 

3.  Free Cloudflare with Railgun (I won’t get into details but it speeds up website even more. Also Cloudflare has a free account option, so that’s nothing special the only real benefit Namehero gives you here is the Railgun. Railgun is usually only provided to business accounts which are usually $200 per month, if purchased from Cloudflare)

4. Honest and upfront about limits (right on the first page where the plans are no need to search out in terms and fine print)

5. Publish 3rd party Uptime report UPTIME REPORT

6. Publish 3rd party support reviews every month SUPPORT REVIEWS
I opened 3 tickets during the month I’ve been with them, I was answered very quickly on all of them. All except one was completed within the hour. I submitted one ticket at around 12:00 AM Central Time

8. Cloud server (mentioned last because other hosting companies do offer this) What does cloud hosting mean? As most of you know there is no such thing as a cloud it’s just someone else’s computer, or in this case server. The difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting is how many separate servers have your website information stored on them. So with a cloud the information is separated on several servers. If a server gets goes down, or gets a traffic spike or is overloaded your website will be pulled from the other server. This will not cause your website to go down or slow down. But if you are on a shared server plan and the website is saved on just one server any server down time or slow down, will directly affect your site.

Results Of Switching My Site From Hostgator To Name Hero

So before I show you my results I will mention that I was on a shared server at Hostgator and switched to a cloud server at Name hero. Hostgator claims their cloud servers are also faster than their shared servers. However I still moved away from Hostgator because their servers are Apache and not Litespeed.

I was on Hostgator Web Hosting Shared Plan which is $8.95 a month if you sign up for 12 months (without any discounts)

Switched to Starter Cloud on Name Hero. which is also 10.95 a month if you sign up for 12 months (without any discounts)

The website was moved over to Name hero servers without changing anything on the site. Here are the speed test results I got.

Watch My Youtube Video For More Details And Footage

Youtube Link

5 web pages.
Using PingDom To Test

Home page. 

2.63 s, 2.37 s, 1.99 s, 2.76 s, 3.66 s

Average: 2.68 s

Portable Air Conditioners
1.98 s, 2.52 s, 2.00 s, 2.97 s, 1.97 s
Average: 2.29 s

Best external hard drive
3.18 s, 2.51 s, 2.78 s, 1.50 s, 2.09 s
Average: 2.41 s

Best pressure cooker
2.11 s, 2.10 s, 1.96 s, 2.18 s, 2.14 s
Average: 2.10 s

Best Grass Trimmer
2.17 s, 2.17 s, 2.01 s, 2.63 s, 2.24 s
Average: 2.24 s

5 web pages
Using PingDom To Test

Home page.

1.93 s, 2.04 s, 2.87 s, 2.54 s, 1.69 s

Average: 2.21 s  Faster By: .47 s

Portable Air Conditioners
2.05 s, 1.57 s, 1.71 s, 2.08 s, 1.58 s
Average: 1.80 s Faster By: .49 s

Best external hard drive 
1.99 s, 2.06 s, 2.07 s, 1.70 s, 1.59 s
Average: 1.88 s Faster By: .53 s

Best pressure cooker
1.62 s, 1.74 s, 1.52 s, 1.53 s, 1.54 s
Average: 1.59 s Faster By: .51 s

Best Grass Trimmer
1.68 s, 1.82 s, 1.82 s, 1.55 s, 1.81 s
Average: 1.74 s Faster By: .50 s

So my results on average were around half a second faster. These results were achieved without using a cache on either Hostgator or Namehero. Litespeed cache is said to significantly increase loading speed. Feel free to run a speed test on this site to see for yourself, as I have now activated it. Although the results will be skewed because I have changed the theme, done some more optimization, and am rewriting the articles.

Hope this has been helpful to you.