About Us

My name is Alex and I started Unmatched Value. I used to work repairing electronics and got a very good look inside hundreds of different products. I noticed a lot of expensive and cheap items had very similar components inside. Doing further research I realized a lot of these companies sourced their main components from the same manufacturer. I took apart some items to discover metal weights inside that served no other purpose then to make their crappy products seem more premium.

So I decided to start this website and use my experience, to find what in my opinion are the best products for the money. To cut through the smoke and mirrors, and find the products whose manufacturers actually spend most of their budget on R&D and quality parts. This website has two simple goals

1. To help people buy the best product at any price point

2. To introduce viewers to cool and unique products I come across in my research.

Our Process

We take several steps to find the best product for the money. It is hard to narrow down to one from the hundreds of products available. So to find the one single product we consider the best, for its price point; we have to look at several things. First we start by looking at what features make this particular type of product work the best and provide the best user experience. Then we narrow down to a list of several products that all meet this criteria. After that we look at user reviews, price and the specs. Finally we settle on one products to purchase and test. If the tests prove positive and it meets expectations we recommend it to you, our readers. If the product fails our tests we go back to our list and buy the next one up in price, and so on until we get a product that passes our tests.

We hope this website will be helpful to you. Thank you.